Our History

Founded in 1870

The Emmanuel congregation was founded in 1870 as an outreach mission of the Evangelical Association church in Neenah.† Two years later, in 1872 our first church building was built on the corner of Durkee and Franklin Streets.† This white clapboard church served the congregation until 1901.† In 1901 the congregation built a larger building on the same site.† The cost for the new church was $8,000 and it was completely paid for before construction was complete.† In 1952 a third church building was constructed on the corner of College Avenue and Meade Street.† This building has served Emmanuel ever since with a major Christian Education wing added in the 1970.† An elevator was added in 2008 making the church handicap accessible to all three floors.

1870 Evangelical Association

1947 Evangelical United Brethren

1968 United Methodist

Emmanuel comes out of the Evangelical Association tradition.† Our congregation founded in 1870 during the days of the Circuit Rider was one of the charges of the Neenah Evangelical Associationís Circuit.† In 1884 Emmanuel became part of the Appleton Circuit.

The Evangelical Association and United Brethren Church denominations merged in 1947 forming the Evangelical United Brethren Church (the EUB) denomination and in 1968 the EUB and the Methodist Church merged to form the United Methodist Church.

The Evangelical Association and the United Brethren Church both originated in the early 1800s in eastern Pennsylvania among German speaking Americans and like the Methodist Church, an English speaking denomination, spread west as the nation was settled.† All three denominations were similar in theology and liturgy from the very beginning and as the years unfolded and language differences disappeared they set aside smaller differences for a greater good, a church united in the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastors who have served Emmanuel

2012††† Rev. Hong-Lim Park

2004 †† Rev. Mark Geisthardt

1996 †† Rev. David Kalas

1992 †† Rev. Bob LeCount

1991 ††† Rev. John Eldred

1986 †† Rev. Ruwal Freese

1983 †† Rev. David Warren

1982 †† Rev. Carol Smith

1978 †† Rev. Bruce Bartel

1970 †† Rev. Wendell Rex

1966 †† Rev. R. L. Ferch

1961 ††† Rev. F. A. Dauner

1951 ††† Rev. Franklin Schlueter

1943 †† Rev. Soloman Cramer

1931 ††† Rev. G. H. Blum

1927 †† Rev. J. F. Neinstedt

1921 ††† Rev H. A. Bernhardt

1916 ††† Rev. H. J. Droegkamp

1913 ††† Rev. J. E. Klein

1908 †† Rev F. J. Sievert

1905 †† Rev. C. Weigand

1902 †† Rev R. Eilert

1899 †† Rev. D. Barowski

1896 †† Rev. J. G. F. Zimmerman

1890 †† Rev. J. L. Runkel

1887 †† Rev. J. L. Stroebel

1884 †† Rev. F. Huelster

1881 ††† Rev J. L. Runkel

1878 †† Rev. W. Zecherick

1876 †† Rev. F. Nickel

1873 †† Rev. C. Lahr

1871 ††† Rev. H. Schelp, assisted by Rev. F. Nickel

1870 †† Rev. G. Zellhofer

Our current church building at 740 E. College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin

From the parking lot with the ramped entryway

Our ramped entryway off the parking lot

From Meade Street, looking southwest

From Meade Street, looking west, our Meade Street Entrance and front door

From College Avenue, looking north toward our front door